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About Us

Keeping Memories are the memorial products arm of M. Garton & Son. The company started as a joinery business in 1888 and some years later evolving into leading local funeral directors. Over the continued generations of family coming into the business, we became increasingly involved in supplying treasured memorials and keepsakes for our clients. We soon found ourselves supplying not just our own clients and other families, but also some trade accounts as well.

Having built our reputation for quality, reliability and service locally we have decided to offer Keeping Memories products available nationwide. The choice of items and product ranges are increasing monthly. 

Keeping Memories offer items to suit a variety of tastes, ages and personal appropriateness. If you have any questions about a product, or just want a little advice, please contact us on 

Perhaps most importantly, you can have peace of mind that we understand the intimacy and emotions behind any product and service we supply.  This gives you the assurance that you will have our best attention at all times.